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Alembika tunic

Great tunic!  Polka dot drape pockets.  Sweater fabric.  Great for layering.

Alembika - Charcoal Long Sleeve Textured Wholey 2 Pocket Sweater

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Take the Chill Off!

Wooden Ships Dakota Cardigan in Foggy Gray.  One button Cardigan with Slim Sleeves. Made of 76% Acrylic, 12% Mohair, 12% Wool.  This Cardigan is Very Light, but Very Warm.

go to this link:

Wooden Ships - Handknitted Foggy Gray Dakota 1 Button Cardigan

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We Moved!

1 block from previous location:

Golden Gate Shopping Center

2274 Golden Gate Drive, Greensboro, NC  27405


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There's a Beauty to my Fall


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Clutch me to the Islands


Take me to the ISLANDSSSS,whether it be in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bora Bora, let's just LIVE...and fashionably of course!
As long as I've been here at the great Linnea's Boutique, I've always had my eye on this clutch purse, it's just something about it that just lures me..draws me in. It's like it sparks my aesthetic senses....

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