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Vera Threads Boutique Greensboro NC

Linnea’s Boutique began operating in 2000, with the aim of offering rarely found clothes to plus size women. In 2013, the ownership started Vera’s Threads, as part of the original business. The objective of the second establishment is to sell smaller sized apparel at more affordable prices. The combined companies have a wide array of choices, and will continually offer high-quality attire to one who anticipates fluctuations in weight and body size.

Linnea’s Boutique has clothes from size XL to 3X. Vera’s Threads has small XL clothes. Both stores focus on providing fun and casual fashions that are not available in bigger departmental stores. The store began its ambition by selling clothes from the Sacred Threads brand.

Sacred Thread brand

The brand has a twenty-year relationship with Linnea’s Boutique. The Boho theme of the clothes is a rarity in the fashion business. They have a velvety feel that gives off exquisite elegance and comfort. You will find great support in the aesthetics and ease of wear. Sacred threads continue to supply Vera Threads boutique in Greensboro NC with specialized stock for the dedicated customer base.

Art of cloth

This brand has hand-made textiles from passionate and committed designers. The bottom line of this clothing brand is to work with the feel and beauty of the textile. Art of Cloth is the one you pick when you want to make an unforgettable impression at a public gathering. Women of all sizes and shapes will find something that matches their artistic inclination and budget.

Bryn Walker

This brand is notable for the embedded sophistication of high-quality tailoring. The luxurious fabric has a comfortable feel that fits elegantly on women of all sizes. The uniqueness of the brand is that it produces clothes to match the color palette of the season. Checking into Linnea’s Boutique is a fun way of refreshing your wardrobe, with the assurance of receiving consistently good quality.


This brand is at the forefront of fashion designers that output affordable clothes with an impressive material. Chalet’s clothes have modals, cotton, and linen. The versatility of the clothes will allow you to maintain a clean and elegant look no matter the time or type of event. An additional perk is that Chalet clothes are comfortable to wash and wear. Few brands will have all these benefits accumulated into one line.


The brand inclines towards comfortable wear that fits events situations such as Yoga practices. It is befitting for these clothes to have a Boho theme because they originate from the Himalayan regions of Nepal. Linnea's Boutique has the dedication to support the spiritual artistry of Cheppu by selling affordable items.


The brand has modern clothes that balance the casual and professional themes of perfect attire. You will find a trendy piece that fits into your professional world as natural as it does the social one.


The style of Fenini is neat and straightforward. It has extreme detail orientation and high-quality standards that satisfy the busy creative professional.