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Plus Size Stores in Greensboro NC

Do you remember the first time you bought clothing online? You were lucky if the item was exactly as in the description. The other unlucky group probably purchased an item that should have longer, shorter, bigger, smaller, or of a higher quality. It did not fit right, and you were vividly disappointed.

You do not have to halt online shopping because of one failed purchase. The days of dreading shopping for plus-sized clothes are long gone. Thankfully, the Internet makes it easier to avoid the hassle of trotting all over town in search of the perfect style and fit. Additionally, you can use the Internet to find plus size stores in Greensboro NC before visiting their physical office.

How to shop for plus size clothes

Find an inspiration

Finding bloggers you love is an easy and fun activity. Finding ones with your body type is the daunting part. Spend some time on Instagram and Pinterest to find one that will inspire your next haul. It helps to see which fitting, designs, and sizes fit best with your body.

Know your comfort zone

There are certain things that you can buy online on a whim. Others you may have to get to the Linneas Boutique for a fitting. Afterward, you can trust that the stocked item will be as fitting as the previous one.

Your go-to item may be a skirt and not a T-shirt. Another person’s may be Jeans and not a dress. Most designers understand that making the clothes bigger does not automatically make them fit for plus sizing. The T-shirt cut will be different; hence, you cannot always fit into all of them.

Know your size

Taking measurements is a big short cut to the hassle of plus size shopping. Here is how you can use measures to define the specific item you want:

  • Sleeves – A dress with at least ¾ length of arms will be more comfortable than the sleeveless. You can go sleeveless with the fancy items, such as an evening dress. The specificity of the sleeve also depends on your body type.
  • Neckline – A dress with a V neckline or a deep neck will have just enough exposure. A high neckline will give you a full and big upper body.
  • Shape – Plus size dresses look stunning when they are hugging but not tight. Choose one that will accentuate your shape. Some will find the flowing skirt better while others will prefer a tight waist-cinching dress. Be careful with the length if you do not like overly revealing attires.
  • Pattern and colors – Striped items are not the best option when your scale tips a little higher in the plus-size chart. Opt for dark and rich colors like purple, red, burgundy and navy blue.
  • Material – Light materials do not look suitable for ceremonies and special events. Purchase the heavy clothes or averagely heavy clothes that have a lining.


Finding brands that work for your body type is essential. Linneas Boutique is one of the plus-size stores in Greensboro NC that stocks brands that have a specialty in plus size clothing.

  • Artex
  • Caite
  • Alembika
  • B & K Moda
  • Amma