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Boutique Womens Dresses in Greensboro NC

Many online sellers abandoned the brick and mortar stores for the online alternative. You have the comfort of using an Internet connection on your phone or PC to find the perfect dress on a virtual rack. The first thing is to know all the factors surrounding online dress shopping. Excellent pointers will help you specify the style, color, material, and fitting.

Those dynamics are, however not enough if you do not want to be surprised at what you receive. Remember all the following criteria when beginning your search online.

In-depth investigation

The obvious first step when beginning a dress search is to find as much as possible about the shop. Customer feedback is the number one filter to evaluate the trustworthiness and professionalism of the store. Stores without enough reviews could send you inferior quality items.

Do not assume that the picture on the store is an accurate representation of the items in stock. Some stores will copy and paste the high-quality alternative of their subject and fail to communicate that they only have replica products. Stores with a high price tag are usually keen to maintain their brand by selling quality attire. Linneas Boutique brands itself as a unique shop with quality fabric and style.


Selling clothes online does not mean that they are available to buyers from any part of the world. It is, therefore, necessary that you speak with the customer care staff before placing an order. The precaution will save you from paying money to a seller that may pose complications before transmitting the refund. Talk to us at any time and remember that we are not open on Sundays, New Year, Christmas and Thanks Giving day.


The biggest concern while looking at a boutique for women’s dresses in Greensboro NC is the size of the dresses. Begin by taking your measurements at a local boutique store to find your sizing before making estimated orders. Linneas Boutique gets some of its stock from the United States; hence, you can use the US chart sizes to find an appropriate fit. Plus-size shoppers will enjoy browsing through hundreds of options by different designers.


Boutique for women’s dresses in Greensboro NC accommodates dresses for all occasions. You may be looking for a dress that will be of good taste in a graduation party and another one to transition to the night-time celebrations. Get specific with the search by inputting the primary keyword in the search field. Our store has dresses with some of the following genres:

  • Work dress
  • Festival dress
  • Racey dress
  • Everyday dress
  • Mini dress
  • Shirtdress
  • Swing dress
  • A-line dress
  • Wrap dress

Return policy

Customers have a 14-days window to return the item. The requirement for receiving the refund is that the dress should still have the tags on and be as unused as you found it. It is important to note that we do not accept returns for items sold during a sale. You will receive the refund amount four days after we notify you of completing the inspection.