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Lee Andersen

Lee Andersen art clothing is wearable, complex, textured clothing designed for the sensuous, tactile woman.
Lee Andersen art clothing is reminiscent of the beautiful, complex, confident clothes in photographs from the 1920’s; a period of stylish exotic elegance. To wear LEE ANDERSEN is to become part of history in the future. These are the memorable clothes that become treasures; keepers of a special occasion.
To wear LEE ANDERSEN clothing is to put the mind in an art gallery. It allows the wearer to be subtle ‘Body as Art’ without the limits of permanence, or the financial requirements of Couture.
Andersen-Becker, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes Lee Andersen clothing or “Wearable Art”. The designer, Lee Andersen, comes to the United States via New Zealand and is the designer with a million untapped designs. Lee Andersen, often spelled incorrectly as Lee Anderson, or referred to as Lee Anderson Clothes has a genius that is evident in the style and range of art Clothing available for purchase in over 1000 stores and Boutiques nationwide.
Size Chart
 Inches Bust Waist Hips
XSmall 35 29 36
Small 37 31 38
Medium 39 33 40
Large 41 35 42
XLarge 43 37 44
1X 46 40 47
2X 46 40 47
3X 52 36 53