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Gala & Kardi

Gala & Kardi are Israeli fashion designers, unique in hand knitting every piece produced. Gala & Kardi is lead by designer Galina and designer Asher Kardi; good friends who decided to bring their fashion senses together, to create specific, unmistakable designs- for example, if it's Jackets you want, try the Shoresh (174$) or the beautiful Lime (213$). Each design is influenced by shapes, movements and flow, and each design is handmade in a knitting machine in Gala's studio. Our designs are bold, exclusive and hand knitted, and only a limited amount is produced of each garment, guaranteeing that you and your apparel will be special, unique and like no other.

Gala & Kardi create exquisite, exclusive, high quality garments. We create various products at affordable prices- for the Tunic lovers, we have the Tunic Aleh (180$) and the Tunic Pear (196$). Gala & Kardi's designs can be found in many online stores.

We offer bold, electric, fashion forward garments that will differentiate you from ready-made retail clothing (for example- Dress Fog (196$) or Coat Copper 302$). Be daring but most of all unique- only a limited number of each Gala & Kardi's item is made, so your outfit will always have that certain "je ne sais quoi"!