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Founded in Canada in the late 1980's, the Funsport brand has been an important supplier to many boutiques and better ladies wear stores across Canada, and recently the USA. Our aim has always been to provide our customer with the most current fashion trends using the latest production techniques, yarns and fabrics. The Funsport brand has a long standing reputation for great quality along with an emphasis on the 3 C's .... comfort, cotton and casual.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Funsport is that the Collection is the culmination of our many design teams at each of the many factories we work with overseas. Since these factories have a world-wide clientèle, the design teams are all completely abreast of all the latest global trends in the fashion industry. The result: the Funsport brand is a fusion of world-wide trends that continually evolves to fit contemporary lifestyles, for the modern woman of today.